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About us

Eco-model designs base on provided data and every our client is handled individually.

We are looking for a long-term cooperation with our clients.

Our services are inspired by the IT software house models.

We provide services related to the mechanical industry

Eco-model services concentrate on fields related to the mechanical industry and our goal is to execute projects with positive impact on the environment.

The specializations of Eco-model are pioneering and prototyping services.

With a skillful combinations of experience in the areas of virtual prototyping, and 3D design, we are able to minimize the effort required to create various prototypes.

Eco-model has experience in remote cooperation with the clients. By use of modern teleconferencing methods we minimize the costs associated with the business travels.

Our expertise can also provide support in execution of European Commission projects.

Eco-model has also internal eco-projects. You can always check our support page.