/Creating the video promotion materials

Creating the video promotion materials

Video content:

Both personal and business social networks are promoting the video content. The number of displayed posts for static content is intentionally lowered in comparison to the dynamic video material. Eco-model can advise how to prepare video marketing content to promote your type of business.

can prepare video adverts basing on the material provided by the

We are able to execute video recordings using our drones. We offer recordings both inside (movies presenting the manufacturing plant capabilities) and outside (overall aerial view on manufacturing plant and headquarters) of your site.

3D Video rendering:

Eco-model can prepare video renderings of the designed complex systems. The video renderings can be used in conjunction with existing movies or rendered from scratch. We can render newly designed objects in an existing video material. We are also able to render an instructional movie with simplified, virtual actors. This approach enables to deliver a rich-content material.


As the deliverable, you get a rich-content final video clip that will be easily understood by your potential clients. The video clip can be mixed from a provided video, executed recordings, and video animations. The final video clip can be used:

  • during the business presentation of your services and products
  • to promote your services and products on social media
  • for instructive purposes (during training, courses etc)

presented content in video materials
is prepared
to be easily understandable.