/Glider bot Eco-drone

Glider bot Eco-drone


Multiple professional drone devices are available in the market. Every conventional drone operates on energy accumulated in rechargeable battery packs. The lift force is generated actively by rotation of multiple rotors. In our approach, we want to design a glider bot that carries both monitoring equipment and solar panels.

feel that we need to increase the knowledge state and decentralize
the ecological research and make it available for everyone.


The design is based on a conventional glider geometry. The glider wings are generating the lift force to carry the glider equipment.

Glider contains:

  • ECU module: contains software designed for autonomic operation and scanning of air and surface parameters
  • GPS: Positioning system is required to position the scanned data
  • The camera sets: One camera is facing forward and is used by the ECU module to calculate safe flight paths. The second camera is facing down and camera shootings are uploaded to online cloud storage for future analysis.
  • Operational sensors – Additional sensors are required to detect air movements and lifts that can be used by glider bot to climb into higher amplitudes with lower energy usage.
  • Air sensors – used to monitor the air state. The results are uploaded to the online cloud for future analysis
  • GSM and WIFI – required for RC control and to upload the results to a cloud
  • Solar panels – are used to charge the battery pack. Designed to enable autonomic operation.
  • Battery – required to keep the energy for the ECU, sensors, and propeller.
  • Propeller: required in emergency situations to enable quick operation. The propeller is operated electrically and folds automatically to lower the air resistance

Ecological value:

The goal is to create an autonomic, movable monitoring system that is capable to observe the changes in earth atmosphere, monitor them and periodically upload the results to an online cloud. We also want to create high-level pictures of the forests to monitor the forestation. Uploading the content to an online service will allow us to publicize them. We will enable worldwide researchers to data-mine the results and extract patterns from the gathered data. If we’ll be able to gather enough information we will enable the researchers to predict the trends in ecological earth environment.