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Support us!

Our goal is to start research, implementation and development of our pro-ecological ideas. We are collecting initial funds to make it happen.

You can support us in three ways

  • Support by giving consent for running coinhive on your hardware (only with opened page) – scroll down to the Support us footer section
  • Support by PayPal:

  • Support by cryptocurrency:

To donate monero, use the address and payment_id in the transfer command: "transfer 1 [Base Addresss] [amount] [Payment_Id]":

Address: 4AfPrpitXcpLWte32yRcXQ925QE2aAwY5D4pkT1D614jY9gY3ruvZGnGFiumv1zzwob2KzxB79sfxGR4gNEQJVapADyCEEi
Payment id: e5b2c7a894b54121a1a750b0eae87cffaf2ef2de169ce952ee46b79982a59eb0

Thank you!

To donate bitcoin, scan the QR code or copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address:


Thank you!